Electrical Constructions


Electrical Installation In Sites

Electrical installation at sites is one of our departments in our company, we have specialized teams to finish electrical works for each outdoor sites like telecome, fields, ....etc



Each place should have good lamping to achive the quality control for all business, so we provide this lamping installation services for factories, companies, industerial sites, we study places carfully to design the installation plan which achive same illumination for each square.
Under the satandrds of quality we achieve goals in economy mode, using the high quality tools and team.


Cable laying

Cable laying is the hardest and most dangerous business, because it provides protection and reduces the dangers when implemented correctly. Therefore, adhering to the specified standards and safe codes for laying cables will lead us to increase the protection rates and protect the client's property.
The noise and magnetic fields generated by the electrical cables can be avoided by doing special protections to discharge those noise and magnetic fields, which provides maximum protection possible.


Factories Electrical Constructions

We are proffissional company for finishing factories electrical works on time with the best quality under economy modules as per customer requests, we finish all lighting works, panels, cables laying, Protection circuits, and main control panels for the factory.


Cable Tray

Of course we know that Cable Tray is very important in the process of organizing and laying electrical cables to provide protection, space and easy to solve the faults, with the provision of high capacity to carry cables with heavy weights and isolation from other sources of energy, with the organization of spaces and main cables.
We install and extend the cable tray according to the specified area and location under the required quality standards.


Electrical Panels Maintenance

Maintenance of electrical panels one of the most important safety plans for the site, we maintain electrical panels through clear plan and change & repair what is necessary to save the stability of electricity, even if these panels are not our industry but we maintain and evaluate periodically according to the work plan and the capacity of distributed loads


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    I get good services when I depended on Sama Misr to finish my electrical works at my factory, they’re professional.

    Hamdy Koraitam Al-Gawhara


    I take the correct decision when I assigned my construction works to Sama Misr, they are reliable.

    Rashad Taha AlEman Slaughterhouse


    I dreamed with a fantastic building, and Sama Misr has fulfill my dreams. Just dream and they will do..

    Ahmed Ali, Business Man

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