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Sama Misr is the manufacture for El-Hegaz Cables since 2007. Our market not inside Egypt only, we have big market for El-Hegaz Cables in many countries Such as Ghana, Bahrain, and many other countries.
Our cables meet the cables world standards so We have achieved wide spread in a short time.
Sama Misr Offers wide range of cables to meet all market requirements.
Dedicated and insulated cables to meet all needs and work in all operating conditions and all temperatures degrees.


Solid Cables.

Solid cable is built with one strand or the core of a wire that has non-conductive material for insulation. This type of cable is used for home electrical wiring, wiring for breadboards and other situations where wires are not required to be constantly flexed.
Solid cables are often favored because they usually more affordable than the stranded variety due to their cheaper production costs. These cables are simple yet quite durable. As single, thick strands of cable, they are quite resistant to threats and very easy to produce. Solid cables also have a much more compact diameter compared to stranded cables. Yet this reduced size does not reduce the current carrying ability of solid cables. Add in the fact that solid cables are not as prone to failure as a result of corrosion and it is easy to see why they are held in high regard.


Stranded Cables.

Stranded cable is made up of a collection of small gauge wires that are insulated and compressed with materials that are non-conductive. This type of cabling is typically used in situations where wire must be routed into cramped spaces. It is also used in areas where there is considerable flexing or vibrations.
Stranded cables are easier to route in comparison to solid cables. They are also extremely flexible. Stranded cables can withstand an incredible amount of vibrations and flexing without fatiguing and eventually breaking. As a result, you won't have to replace your stranded cables as often as will be necessary with solid cables.


Low voltage cables.

Low Voltage power cables are constructed with rigid, solid or stranded, copper and aluminium conductors, and flexible (bare or tin-plated) copper conductors.
XLPE, PVC, LSF/LSOH and elastomer compounds are the main insulating and shielding compounds for these cable types.
Steel (or aluminium for single core cables) wires or tapes may be applied under the outer sheath, providing additional mechanical protection.
Cables for special applications, halogen-free, fire-retardant, fire-resistant and with low smoke emissions can also be provided.
Our products are available according to various national and/or international standards, as well as according to the demands-specifications set by the client.


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    I get good services when I depended on Sama Misr to finish my electrical works at my factory, they’re professional.

    Hamdy Koraitam Al-Gawhara


    I take the correct decision when I assigned my construction works to Sama Misr, they are reliable.

    Rashad Taha AlEman Slaughterhouse


    I dreamed with a fantastic building, and Sama Misr has fulfill my dreams. Just dream and they will do..

    Ahmed Ali, Business Man

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